Ministry Management Software MinistryManagement+

MinistryManagement+ is a cloud-based ministry management software designed and built for small to medium size congregations. MinistryManagement+ allows administrators to create and update members’ profiles, add weekly contributions and run financial reports. Additional modules can be added to provide administrators with the ability to distribute electronic newsletters and send text/voice messages to members of the congregation. MinistryManagement+ has built in security and role features take advantage of the latest in encryption technology and ensure you control who has access to your sensitive data.

Features at a Glance:

  • Add Unlimited Members
  • Member Profiles Feature
  • Cloud Based
  • Roles and Permissions for Staff
  • Tax Contribution Letters
  • Add Monthly and Weekly Contributions (Offering, Building Funds, etc.)
  • Customized Reports
  • Mobile Compatible
  • Accessible via Internet
  • Print Reports (Member Status, Monthly/Annual Contributions)


$15 Monthly – Includes Monthly Hosting

  • up to 200 Members Entries
  • up to 3 System Role Users
  • up to 5 account Users
  • plus features at a glance

Additional Modules:

  • Newsletters (additional cost)
  • Text/Voice Messaging (additional cost)
  • Accounting Module (additional cost)