Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) Services

Our BI services solutions are designed to increase visibility into current performance, improve access to operational and key financial data, and enhance strategic decision-making. Our specialists have strong technical knowledge of Oracle’s BI Applications, including approaches to implementation, migration and support. We understand ERP data structures and how they relate to establishing data warehousing, data management and analytic architectures. Our knowledge and experience allow us to provide customers with:

  • Custom Report Development
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Data Migration Services
  • Data Integration
  • Training

Data Integration and Visualization

As with any successful corporation, your organization has large volumes of data. Making the leap from storing data on paper and in spreadsheets to an enterprise data management system is a major step, but not the final. That data when integrated into a business intelligence system, can provide your organization with the clues needed to optimize processes, advertising, budgeting and resources. This results in improvement of workflows and increased profits.

TVCOFA will consult with your organization in charting the optimal course of action given your time, human resource and budgetary constraints. We have experience in the installation and configuration of any Business Intelligence software suite we recommend. We provide training for your staff to ensure that both end users and management extracts the full potential of the software.

Today’s business leaders use a variety of tools in making decisions, from traditional spreadsheets to color rich charts and graphs. TVCOFA can tailor dashboards with charts to meet the wishes of visual thinkers, or simplify the same underlying data into classical numeric format for those leaders who prefer a bare bones representation of critical data. Our experience in customizing reports means you have the information you need at hand, tailored to suit your preferences and free of non pertinent metrics.