About Us

What We Do?

TrendologyIT Corporation is an African American woman and veteran owned research and technology company.

We provide research and technology based services and solutions in the areas of public health, Health IT, and engineering and construction via three multi-disciplinary groups:

Research & Development (R&D) Group

The R&D group focuses on transnational science between research, practice, and policy. We specialize in health policy, health disparities, and community-based participatory research (CBPR) in the following areas:

  1. Drug Dependence
  2. Mental Health
  3. Cancer Prevention and Control
  4. Maternal and Child Health
  5. Environmental Health
  6. Urban Health
Evaluation Group

The evaluation group’s expertise is in formative, process, and impact evaluation in public health, Health IT, and engineering and construction.

Technology Group

Our technology group specializes in systems and software design and development, integration, and product development in the fields of public health, education, and healthIT. Our services and solution include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Documents Management System (DM) and Electronic Health Records (EHR).

Our Skills

Translation Science
IT Consulting
Software Engineering

Certifications & Partnerships

Why TrendologyIT Corporation?

  • Certified DBE/MBE (MD,VA,PA)
  • CATS+ Contractor(MD)
  • Over 10 years of experience in Public Health, Tobacco and Environment Science
  • Over 10 years experience in ERP Integration and Solutions
  • Over 20 years in Software Engineering
  • Over 20 years in Web/Mobile Application Development
  • Experience working with State Health and Education Agencies, Local Water Departments and Engineering and Construction companies

Our Team

  • Terrance Brown

    Terrance Brown is the COO of TrendologyIT Corporation (and Past President and CEO from 2008-2015). He is an electrical and computer science engineer with over a decade of experience in informatics, translational science, and product and software development. Under Mr. Brown's leadership, TrendologyIT Corporation became a highly sought after company for health informatics,  a certified vendor for federal and state government, and a  preferred vendor for Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Brown frequently lectures at universities, and corporations helping clients and students to think critically about the relationship between technology and health, and to develop innovative technologies to address health needs across populations.